Larkyn's 100 Good Wish Quilt

Friday, June 23, 2006

All Squares and Wishes Welcome

Larkyn’s 100 Wish Quilt

I am working on collecting enough quilt squares for a 100 Good Wishes Quilt from family and friends. This custom is from Northern China- called “Bai Jia Bei” to celebrate a new life in a family.

Here is how it works:
I am collecting 1 fabric block, as well as a small card with a good wish, favorite poem, or prayer. The fabric squares are made into a quilt and each of the wishes sent with them is placed in a scrapbook for Larkyn when she is older. Acid- free supplies are the best to use for the wish so that it will hold up in the scrapbook well. A small piece of the fabric should be attached to the “good wish.” This way, when Larkyn is older and wants to look at her book, she will be able to match each piece of fabric to the good wishes and who sent it.