Larkyn's 100 Good Wish Quilt

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wishes 46 through 48

The Wingerter Family from Alabama sent the fortune cookie square and wish for the Asian Swap.

Both of these pretty pink squaishes are from the All Pink Swap.

Wishes 43 through 45

A very special wish from Shelia. This is the fabric from the curtains that I taught her to sew on for her classroom about 3 or 4 years ago. She is great at sewing now. Hugs Shelia!!!

Pretty All Pink Swap from the Crowell family in California.

Ladybugs from the Appleton family in VA.

Wishes 38 through 42

Asian Swap from the Williams family in Minnesota. It so cute.

The Franklin family send this very pretty Asian wish and square from New Hampshire. They are waiting for Susanna.
Did I mention I LOVE CATS?!

The horses, bamboo, and Chinese cats go with the Asian Swap. They are from the Lane family in Missouri Waiting for Mia.

Wishes 33 through 37

I love this one! For the Disney swap from the Betterfy family waiting for Kayli Arianna.

All Pink Swap from the Okerstrom family in Indiana. Soo cute.

For the All Pink Swap. This pretty squaish comes from the Humphreys in Texas.

Mom pick this beautiful square and wish for her newest granddaughter. Thanks Mom!

I love Pooh and plan to do the Larkyn's room in it. This is from the Disney Swap from the Barone family in VA waiting for Hannah Ruth.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Squares and Wishes 27 through 32

This wish is from the Sheldon Family in Michigan. They are waiting for little Hannah.

The Bryant family awaiting their daughter Jane, send this pretty wish from Oregon.

For the Disney Swap the Chang family sent this really neat 101 Dalmations squaish. Sooo Cute!

More pretty pink Squaishes(sqaure & wish). This one from The Fraser Family in Georgia waiting for their Emily Rose.

Another squaish from the Disney Swap. Mickey Mouse comes from the Korb family in Arizona. Waiting for their son Jacob Chao.

This squaish for the All Pink Swap is from the Cromwell family in Illinios for their DTC Secret Pal. What a great secret pal.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wishes 19 through 26

The really cute happy flower faces are from the Powell Family in Missouri. It is the first of the Disney Swap.

The pretty pink with flowers are fromThe Pace Family in Missouri.

The three fabrics are from the Pontillo Familiy waiting for little Zoe.

The pretty pink flowers are from the Keir Family in California. Love the pinks.
This pretty pink fabric and wish are from the King Family in AZ. Love the little stickers. It's part of the All Pink swap.

The happy children faces and wonderful handwritten wish are from The Karpiuk in Canada. I love it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wishes 14 through 18

The really cute flower pot square/wish is from the Franklin Family in New Hampshire. Waiting for Susanna.
The sun flowers and lady bugs are from the Crummell Family in Canada.

Strawberry Shortcake...ahhh is from the Cannon Family in Georgia.
The beautiful blue fabric is from the BeDier's waiting for their daughter Marissa.

The apple fabric is from my dear friend Jackie, and her wonderful family. We used to work together and I miss her.
I wish I had time to write about each square and wish that I recieve and post, but sadly I don't have that time. I love each one, unfortunately the pictures do not do them justice. They are so much prettier in person.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wishes 6 through 13

Thank you for the beautiful fabric and wishes. Each of these came from the wonderful people in my online group, OHGWQ (One Hundred Good Wish Quilt). Each one is special.

Wish 5 From Heather in Illinios

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wish 4 From Lisa in Mississippi

Wish 3 From Kelley in Missouri

Wish 2 From Cheryl in Texas

Wish 1 From Amy in New York